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Sometimes when you are really hungry, you can’t decide what you want to eat. There is a grumble in your stomach and indecisiveness in your mind. You would think that’s the worst. But no, the worst is when you are hungry and you really know what you are craving for and are unable to get it. Curry Express takes care of all such cravings in Somerville, and nearby areas; particularly they give the best Indian food online.

How they function

Curry Express serves at various levels in Somerville in accordance with their customers' need. You can either have an occasional food delivery or get a lunch box every day or cater to functions with their best Indian food order Somerville.

Mouth-watering Menu

Curry Express provides you with an extensive menu which is an attempt to consolidate all the aromas and tastes of the country of peacocks. Their menu includes cuisines like Indian curries, Dumplings, Hakka Noodle, Masala Chicken Wings and so on.

Convenient Delivery

And the best part is that they have adapted their service with technology which allows the users to make the order online and thereof making it more convenient for them.

Search for good Indian food in Somerville? Curry Express.

Our Menu

Welcome to Curry Express Somerville

We Deliver ! Indian Curries , Dumplings , Hakka Noodle , Masala Chicken Wings , Burrito , Tiffin Box

We Deliver ! Serving Somerville and Surrounding Cities

Restaurant with Special Menu

  • Order Now : $7.95

Bhel Poori

  • Order Now : $6.49

Chicken Soup

  • Order Now : $16.95

Chicken Korma

  • Order Now : $15.95

Paneer Korma

  • Order Now : $14.95

Veggie Tiffin Box

We Deliver ! Serving Somerville and Surrounding Cities

Most popular Catering Menu

Vegetable Samosas

Vegetable Samosa

Pastry turnovers stuffed with potatoes, peas, cumin, and spices.(serves 10)

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken with potatoes and onions in a spicy vinegar sauce. Does not include rice. Add bread, drinks, and perhaps dessert, and you're all set. Small Tray (serves 10) / Large Tray (serves 20)

Shrimp Tikka Masala

Shrimp Tikka Masala

Shrimp with tomato-cream sauce. Does not include rice. Add bread, drinks, and perhaps dessert, and you're all set.


This is the first time i've eaten at this venue, and its their second weekend being open. They have a big menu with lots of items. Ordered via GRabull. Got an order confirmation by email, went to pick it up. Guessed 30 min and stopped by on a Saturday evening and it was hot and ready. Friendly staff, good packaging (paper bag, no styrofoam, all recyclable plastics and foil containers).

Jim Knizer

I loved the Chicken Curry . Chicken Dumplings and the Sause with it was great highly recommended place . 5 minutes walk from my resident and easy access and really cheap compare to other Indian restaurants and they even provide delivery service which is very convinent. Curry express is my stop for all kinds of Indian and Nepali dishes from now

Binod Bohara

Indian food meets fast food. Sounds bad when I say it that way, but it's actually great! The masala fries are delicious, the vegetable samosas are a tad greasy, but still very flavorful, and the lamb Korma was the best Korma, I've had in years.

George Johnson

The food here is delicious! It's good filling food with good value. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I highly recommend eating here!

Marvin Romero

Small and cozy fun atmosphere with lot of varieties in Indian and Nepali cuisines. I will highly recommend their momos!!!

Mohan Basnet